CARE FOr Persons with Disabilties

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Border Mission works with partner organisations that serve persons with disabilities and their families. By understanding the organisations’ and individuals needs, we are able to mobilize our volunteers to meet specific needs. We hope to build a more inclusive society and reduce inequality through our efforts. We also partner with sports disability organisations as we believe that sports has a powerful ability to transform the lives of persons with disabilities. 

Meet Mdm Loh. She is unable to work as her son has disabilities and she has to take care of her son’s daily living needs. Through our volunteers’ visits, we learnt that Mdm Loh needs assistance to pay for her son’s transport and medical fees, especially with frequent check-ups and treatment required in the hospital. We are glad that we are able to understand her specific needs and provide them her with support. 

Meet Mdm Wong. She has mobility issues. She is a single elderly woman living in a rented flat. We have provided her with calcium milk powder and medicated cream for her skin condition after identifying them as her urgent and specific needs.  We immediately addressed her needs by providing a new mattress for her. Our volunteers were happy to see an immediate improvement to her quality of life.