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Every month, Border Mission visits and understands in depth the needs of each family that we select and serve. Then, we customize the care before engaging youth volunteers to deliver help to their doorsteps that meets their specific needs.

While doing the elderly Urban Recyclers project, we were on the ground, as we visited the elderlies’ families, and understood their living conditions. We felt heavy hearted after witnessing the hardships they were going through. We recognized that many needy families in Singapore were living in poverty. Unfortunately, their needs were not noticed and were often neglected. Most of these people are single elderly, single-parents, people with health issues and/or disabilities, or simply unable to earn a living due to specific reasons.

Understands by heart and delivers with care

We are all going through different struggles in our society today. Thus, Border Mission aims to lend a hand during these trying times. Through this project, we hope to engage Singaporean youths to care for the old, poor, and needy so as to make Singapore a better and morecaring society.

Border Mission understands by heart, and delivers with care.