Clothing and Accessories

Community Work 

Winter Clothes

Weather conditions in mountainous regions (2500-4500m) are extremely cold and cruel during winter. Residents in these areas cannot afford to buy winter jackets to keep warm as they are inaccessible. They have to journey on foot and by bus for several days just to get to the nearest shops for necessities.

The last villages in the border area such as the Northern part of Gorkha, Nepal, have no road available for vehicles. Our team delivered winter jackets to such villages through donkeys.

To date, our distribution efforts have reached 700 villagers in remote areas, in addition to 1000 vulnerable children.



At these high altitudes above 2500m, the atmospheric layer is thinner and hence, the exposure to harmful UV rays are much higher. This can lead to serious eye conditions. Our team was happy to distribute 60 sunglasses to the villagers in Ladakh, India, to protect them from the increasingly harsh sun due to climate change. 


Community Work 

Compared to children living in more developed cities, children in the mountain regions do not have access to certain items. These kids who have limited exposure to the outside world do not have many opportunities to own photographs or receive gifts of shirts, toys, hats, bags, and so on.

In order to bring joy to the Himalayan villages, polaroid photographs were taken and distributed to 1200 children. To date, we have distributed soft toys, T-shirts, caps and bags to 1000 children living in remote villages in Nepal, India and Bhutan.


Community Work

Food to those affected by COVID-19 

During the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown, countless individuals lost their jobs. With no income to survive on, many families struggled with hunger and low access to food.

Our staff stationed in the regions identified the neediest families and supplied them with essential food supplies such as dals, oil, rice, onions, etc.

In total, we reached out to 1000 families in Nepal, Pakistan, India, and Bhutan


Community Work

Roads and toilets

To improve accessibility for the villagers, Border Mission built roads to connect three villages to the main road in the Gorkha district. We also constructed toilets to improve the hygiene of the villages in four regions in the same district.  


To link people to the development of the current challenges, radios were given to more than 1000 villagers throughout the 14 Himalayan districts in Nepal.

We provided each district with one projector each. Now, more than 4000 people  in the remote mountains can access media resources without the need for a TV and the internet. 


Community Work

In the high mountains of Northern Nepal, there is no electricity supply in most of the homes and tents.

We supplied solar power sets to generate electricity for 35 homes and a solar system for one community camp of 20 families. We have also supplied headlights for the tents at night for 80 families in the nomadic areas.


Community Work

Many areas are hit by earthquakes in the regions we are serving. Schools and homes have been lost and no assistance is available as they live in inaccessible locations.

We restored a primary school and homes that were ravaged by Nepal’s earthquake.


Community Work

We are partnering with Breakthrough Mission Singapore to set up a drug rehab center in Northern India to help youths and adults away from addiction and live a new life.

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