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Medical Camps

We serve the people who live in secluded Himalayan areas. Hospitals and clinical facilities are only found in the district office located far from remote villages.

Health posts nearby are often manned by local health workers in the villages, but they often have difficulties helping the sick due to the lack of adequate medicines and medical equipment.

Villagers who need to visit doctors have to travel for days just to reach the hospital by foot, donkeys, bus, and jeep.

We invited overseas medical teams to provide medical and dental services in the neediest and most remote mountainous areas.

Mobile Clinics

We reach out to nomads living in the highlands, located at altitudes of 4000-4800m, as well as the highest and most remote villages in the bordering Himalayas.

The living environment is often very challenging, as it is extremely cold (-40C in the evening), and it is especially difficult for people lacking warm clothing and facilities.

These places can often only be reached by jeep, on foot or by helicopter.

Our teams, together with doctors, bring mobile clinics into their tents and homes to provide  villagers with medical services

Medicine Boxes

Local staff and volunteer teams go from house to house and village to village to deliver vital medicines to impoverished families and children.

These areas can only be reached by bus, donkeys, and on foot. It takes days to reach the head office in the main district.

The teams also shared knowledge of hygiene and avoidance of the COVID-19 virus, distribute vital products such as masks and sanitizers — spreading love amidst a global pandemic.

This project was made possible through a partnership with the Singapore Red Cross. 


Along the Himalayan region, people who live in the high mountains need to travel for many days to reach a hospital.

The journey itself requires them to travel by different modes of transport, either on foot, bikes, buses, and/or mountain flights.

We support these individuals with various medical conditions by supplementing their travel, check-ups, and treatment costs, as many of them lack financial stability and resources. 

We send patients with critical medical conditions to hospitals for treatment, operations, check-ups, and follow-up.

These are some of the individuals we have assisted so far:

  •  A man with a paralyzed hand who was sent for medical treatment.
  •  A man who needed a hip bone operation.
  •  A boy who was not able to walk and needed a medical check-up.
  • A woman who needed financial assistance for her lung disease treatment.