Urban Recyclers Project is an island-wide initiative to serve and empower the elderly Singaporeans above 55 years old who are commonly known as “cardboard collectors”. 

Urban Recyclers battle over low costs of items. Thus, Border Mission aims to improve their income by :

Give them better tools

Educating them to sell a variety of collections

Advocating higher prices for their items

They collect cardboard, paper-related products, aluminum cans, bottles, scrap metal, electrical items and clothes, etc. from the nearby HDB, markets, shops & offices before reselling them to traders, commonly known as “karangguni men” or recycling companies in their area. They often earn S$100-400 per month by selling recyclable items.

They are genuine self-employed URBAN RECYCLERS that earn their living by recycling our “waste” items.

They are genuinely self-employed URBAN RECYCLERS that earn their hard labor living by recycling the waste items. 

We have about 1000 youth volunteers to:

  1. Map out and identify Urban Recyclers in their residential or work area ⁣and organise outreach walk to locate the elderly in the different parts of Singapore.
  2. Approach and interact with Urban Recyclers’ to better understand their lives and bridge the gap to address their needs.
  3. Coordinate and deliver brand new trolleys provided by Border Mission to these Urban Recyclers.

We highly respect elderlies who earn their living without depending on others. We are thankful for the volunteers who join us to care for the needy. We hope to make Singapore a better place through this initiative.


Get Involved


Represent this National Project. Be the one to give a brand new trolley to the cardboard collectors! Make a difference to someone’s life. We welcome anyone who wants to join.